Eva Obermayr Eva Obermayr


At the FH Joanneum we created a fictional app which makes an impact for the environment and uses gamification elements. With Ecorider you can track your bike and bus rides to see how much CO2 emissions you saved and compare them with your friends. To promote the app we created this 3D/2D animation video.

2017, FH Joanneum

  • Video Concept: Eva Obermayr, Tanja Schuster
  • 3D Models: Katharina Kovacs
  • 3D Animation: Eva Obermayr
  • 2D Animation: Katharina Kovacs & Tanja Schuster
  • Software: Cinema 4D & Adobe After Effects
  • Sound Design: David Stockinger
  • App Concept: Florian Köhler, Raphael Koitz, Katharina Kovacs, Christian Leban, Eva Obermayr, Tanja Schuster & David Stockinger
  • App Screen Design: Raphael Koitz & Christian Leban