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48 media technology and design students created ‚Home‘ in the course Analog Animation in the fifth semester in Hagenberg. The short film is created as a chained animation – each group of four students created a certain part of animation that should fit somehow to the animation of the group before and after their own. The story of our movie is based on a poem about refugees and the way their interpretation of the word ‚home‘ changes during their journey.

2015/16, FH Hagenberg

  • Concept & Direction: Class of Analog Animation 2015/16, Mediatechnology and -design; University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Campus Hagenberg
  • Animation 0m37s – 0m49s: Kerstin Blätterbinder, Stefanie Mairhuber, Eva Obermayr & Doris Rastinger
  • Software: Dragonframe & Adobe Photoshop
  • Supervision: Remo Rauscher & Jürgen Hagler
  • Voice Over: Hala Koubaji – هالة قبجي & Yurii Terletskyi – Терлецький Юрій
  • Poem & Title Animation: Remo Rauscher
  • Sound Design: Roland Keil